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At Evac, sustainability is the cornerstone of the operations

Evac contributes to a better environment and cleaner seas by helping its marine industry customers to reduce water consumption, treat and recycle waste, manage food waste responsibly, purify wastewater and ballast water, generate fresh water from sea water and lengthen life cycle of their vessels and constructions.

Extended Evac Complete Cleantech Solution

The acquisition of Cathelco in May 2018 increased Evac’s system portfolio with marine growth prevention systems, corrosion protection systems and ballast water management systems.

“Cathelco’s products provide a natural extension to our complete cleantech solutions, because they reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of hulls and other shipboard equipment”, says Tomi Gardemeister, CEO and President, Evac Group. “Looking to the future, the Evac Evolution ballast water treatment system developed by Cathelco, has enormous sales potential as ship owners worldwide comply with legislation to prevent the transfer of invasive species,” he continues.

Evac takes part in the Commitment2050 initiative

Evac, together with Meyer Turku, has taken up the challenge by participating in Commitment2050, the national Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, and making an industry commitment of their own.

Evac’s systems that prevent marine eutrophication and litter are comprehensively used in different types of marine vessels. In connection with this, Evac has committed to, e.g., reducing marine litter by increasing the dry waste recycling rate of cruise ships from 25% to 50% by 2025, and further to 70% by 2050, by developing its dry waste treatment systems.  The company has also committed to reporting on the results annually.

Read Evac’s commitment via this link

Treatment of waste with Evac systems

Picture: The volume of treated and non-treated recyclable and non-recyclable waste created per day on board a cruise vessel with 3,300 passengers. On average, waste compaction using Evac systems reduces the volume of waste that needs to be taken ashore for treatment in ratio 1:10.